Fenway Library Consortium

Fenway Library Consortium (FLC) Criteria for Membership

Last Updated: 2007

Minimum Standards Required for Continuing Membership in the FLC

Standards and a process are in place for the consideration of requests for libraries to join the Fenway Library Consortium as members. Continued membership in the consortium is demonstrated by:

  1. providing a physical library by which to deliver library services to institutional members by a staff of one or more persons specifically identified as the library staff, with one of the staff designated by the institution as “library director” (or similar administrative title). The library director is the recognized institutional representative to the Fenway Library Consortium,
  2. maintaining a constant or increasing level of financial support and services to the library from the institution from fiscal year to fiscal year. Such maintenance of effort is required for the library to continue its contribution to the consortium’s system of interlibrary cooperation and constituent resource sharing,
  3. and providing release time by the institution for the library director to attend scheduled organizational meetings of the Fenway Library Consortium.